Transit shelter poster and postcard designs for Plastic Orchid Factory's Digital Folk event. The posters went up at ten bus stops around Vancouver. The design was adapted for use in 11” x 17” posters, 8.5” x 11” bills, 4” x 6” postcards, and a Keynote presentation which was projected on the theatre lobby wall in lieu of printed programs.

transit shelter poster
back of postcard

Icon Set
Line-art icon set produced on contract with Briteweb, for an educational organization.

Three variants of the logo for Left of Main, a new shared dance production/development studio in downtown Vancouver, located on one of Main Street's many corners.


A set of four icons made to identify different types of content on CBC Music's YouTube channel. The icons were constructed by taking the play-button triangle from CBC Music's logo and duplicating, resizing and rotating it as necessary to form each concept. No other shapes were used.

Icon: "Exclusives"
Icon: "Performances"
Icon: "Specials"
Icon: "Series"

Content Stamps
Created as a way to brand featured content within a diverse and frequently updated blog, these "stamps" were applied to the corner of a featured post's image. They needed to be easy to notice, and easy to ignore. Above all they needed to communicate.

Stamp: Comedy Week
Stamp: Daily Topic
Stamp: Rear View Mirror
Stamp: Watch Now
Stamp: Science and Music
Stamp: Ho-Ho-Holidays
Stamp: 500 Words
Stamp: Supercut
Stamp: Rush Week
Stamp: 12 Songs of Xmas
Stamp: Holidays
Stamp: Daze of the Week
Stamp: Music & Fashion Week
  • CBC Music provides bands and musicians with their own artist pages, where they can promote themselves and upload their music for people to hear. To date, more than 46,000 artists have created CBC Music Artist Pages, uploading more than 100,000 songs to the site.

    After existing for years as separate Desktop and Mobile sites sharing the same data, the next major iteration of the site will be fully responsive. I was brought in to design the new responsive interfaces for the Artist Index, the individual Artist Pages, and the Artist CMS whereby artists add and manage their content.

    Along with general layout and styling, several interface components were required, including responsive image and audio uploaders and editable track and album listings. In addition I was responsible for defining and documenting the behaviours of each component for the benefit of the developers building the pages.

    The site has four breakpoints: Mobile, Tablet (Portrait), Tablet (Landscape) and Desktop.

    The new CBC Music launches June 2016.

Artist Pages


Image: CBC Music Responsive Artist Page, Mobile

Tablet (Portrait)

Image: CBC Music Responsive Artist Page, Tablet (Portrait)

Tablet (Landscape)

Image: CBC Music Responsive Artist Page, Tablet (Landscape)


Image: CBC Music Responsive Artist Page, Desktop
Artist CMS

Add/Edit Album screen

Add/Edit Album screen

Add/Edit Track screen

Add/Edit Images screen

Add/Edit Images screen

Article intro pages from CBC Music's iPad magazine.

Leonard Cohen songs reimagined as book covers.

Photoshop composites for CBC Radio 3’s acclaimed flagship podcast with host Grant Lawrence. The podcast was fully chaptered, so that users could skip easily from song to song and see a photo of each artist, which also enabled us to add a visual element to Grant’s host breaks. The approach was simple: Grant would give me some brief notes of what he’d discussed in each break, and I’d construct a visual riff on each subject. We did hundreds of these, producing around five images a week for several years.

Bumper stickers for CBC Radio 3. Designed to take advantage of the cheapest printing specs available. I wrote the copy, too.

Radio stream ID graphics for CBC Music

Best of British
Songs You Need to Hear

Web promo graphics for various episodes of "Picture Show", CBC Radio 3's short-lived user-submitted photo podcast.

more to come...